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The most learner-centered and assessment-driven text available.

Praised for a very engaging writing style, comprehensive coverage of key research, and strong pedagogical features, Ciccarelli focuses on getting students to actually read theirtextbook. Using the recommended APA undergraduate psychology learning outcomes,the authorsestablish clear learning objectives for students and tie the text assessment to these objectives. Student and instructor feedback from an extremely successful first edition emphasize the appeal of Ciccarelli's approach to teaching and learning in today's classroom.

1. The Science of Psychology

2. The Biological Perspective

3. Sensation and Perception

4. Consciousness: Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, and Drugs

5. Learning

6. Memory

7. Cognitive Psychology: Thinking, Intelligence, and Language

8. Development across the Lifespan

9. Motivation and Emotion

10. Sexuality and Gender

11. Stress and Health

12. Social Psychology

13. Theories of Personality

14. Psychological Disorders

15. Psychological Therapies

Appendix A: Statistics

Appendix B: Applied Psychology