Purchasing (1st ed )


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408 p. · 21x27.6 cm · Hardback
With a focus on foodservice operations, this book outlines a ten-step purchasing process and includes product specifications for meats, produce, non-food items and more. Unique coverage is given to make/buy analysis, payment processing and purchasing evaluations. A separate chapter is devoted to purchasing technology and services. Complete with two integrated Buyer's Guides, the book outlines how to manage the purchasing process and identify quality products you want to buy.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Management of the Purchasing Process

Chapter 1. Introduction to Purchasing Management

Chapter 2. Determining Quality Requirements: Purchase Specifications and Make/Buy Analysis

Chapter 3. Determining Purchase Quantities

Chapter 4. Identifying and Selecting Supply Sources

Chapter 5. Selecting Supplies and Ordering Products

Chapter 6. Purchasing Follow-up: Receiving, Storage, Payment, and Evaluation

Part 2: Purchasing, Hospitality Resources

Chapter 7. Meats, Poultry, and Seafood

Chapter 8. Produce, Dairy, and Eggs

Chapter 9. Groceries

Chapter 10. Beverages

Chapter 11. Buying Non-food Items

Chapter 12. Buying Technology and Services

Chapter 13. Purchasing Capital Equipment