Quality assurance : methods and technologies


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No prerequisites are required for this introductory quality assurance text. The book's three sections include an overview of the popular philsophies in quality assurance, including an explanation of the purposes of basic tools, a discussion of special inspection techniques, along with nondestructive examination methods, and a description of the statistics commonly used in quality control, with an emphasis on probability distributions. The authors also explain how and why certain statistical functions are used in specific situations. Each stand-alone section of Quality Assurance can be taught in the order preferred by the instructor.
Quality in History Quality Need for Quality in Today's Business Environment Prevalent Quality Philosophies Methods used to Control Quality ISO-9000-What is it and Where Did it Come From? Inspection Procedures Codes and Standards Magnetic Particle Testing Dye Penetrant Testing Ultrasonic Inspection Radiation Safety Radiographic Testing Distributions Plotting and Graphing Normal Distributions Probability Probability Distributions Bibliography Glossary Appendices