Quantum Kinetic Theory (2nd Ed., 2nd ed. 2016)


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This book presents quantum kinetic theory in a comprehensive way. The focus is on density operator methods and on non-equilibrium Green functions. The theory allows to rigorously treat nonequilibrium dynamics in quantum many-body systems. Of particular interest are ultrafast processes in plasmas, condensed matter and trapped atoms that are stimulated by rapidly developing experiments with short pulse lasers and free electron lasers. To describe these experiments theoretically, the most powerful approach is given by non-Markovian quantum kinetic equations that are discussed in detail, including computational aspects.

Introduction.- Reduced Density Operators.- Correlations due to the Spin Statistics.- Mean-Field Approximation.- Correlations and their Dynamics.- Non-Markovian Effects.- Kinetic Equations with Selfenergy.- Properties of the Kinetic Equation.- T-Matrix Approximation.- Random Phase Approximation.- Screened Ladder Approximation.- Charged Carriers in EM Fields.- Non-Equilibrium Green’s Functions.- Kinetics vs. Molecular Dynamics.- Conclusion.
Provides a general introduction to many-particle dynamics in quantum systems
Gives a broad overview on density operator methods and non-equilibrium Green functions
Covers modern time-dependent many-body methods that have emerged in various fields of physics and chemistry
Supports learning and teaching with added problems and solutions
Represents a tremendous resource for high energy density physics