Questions of gender: perspectives and paradoxes


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Questions of Gender is a text/reader featuring readings on various topics related to the intersection of Gender Studies and Psychology, designed specifically for an undergraduate audience. With coverage of such key topics as Defining Sex and Gender, Cross Cultural Perspective on Gender, Gender Identity, Gender and Relationships, the text can either be used as a main text or a supplementary reader. Questions of Gender includes many challenging primary sources written by important gender scholars, and each piece is framed by useful pedagogy (introductory essays, review questions, reflection questions, chapter summaries, key terms) to aid in student comprehension. Among the contributors are the following notable male and female gender scholars: Anne Fausto-Sterling, Janet Hyde, David Buss, Kay Deaux, Patricia Hill-Collins, Kenneth Dion, Alice Eagly, Michael Kaufman & Harry Brod, Susan Fiske, Rhoda Unger, and many more.
1: Defining Sex and Gender Just What Are Sex and Gender, Anyway? A Call for a New Terminological Standard, Douglas A. Gentile Sex and Gender The Troubled Relationship between Terms and Concepts, Rhoda K. Unger and Mary Crawford Sorry, Wrong Number A Reply to Gentile's Call, Kay Deaux The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough, Anne Fausto-Sterling Race and Sex as Biological Categories, Ruth Hubbard Toward a New Vision: Race, Class, and Gender as Categories of Analysis and Connection, Patricia Hill Collins 2: Studying Gender Epistemological Debates, Feminist Voices: Science, Scoial Values, and the Study of Women, Stephanie Riger Theorizing Masculinities in Contemporary Social Science, Scott Coltrane Should Psychologists Study Gender Differences? Yes, With Some Guidelines, Janet Shibley Hyde On Comparing Women and Men, Alice H. Eagly Stereotypes, Science, Censorship, and the Study of Sex Differences, Diane F. Halpern Asking the Right Questions: Feminist Psychology and Sex Differences, Rachel T. Hare-Mustin and Jeanne Marecek Chapter 3: Biology and Gender Where It All Begins: The Biological Bases of Gender, Holly Devor Psychological Sex Differences: Origins Through Sexual Selection, David M. Buss The Political Nature of "Human Nature," Ruth Hubbard Chapter 4: Gender and Culture The Longest War: Gender and Culture, Carole Wade and Carol Tavris Women, Men and Aggression in an Egalitarian Society, Maria Lepowsky Men of Color: Ethnocultural Variations of Male Gender Role Strain, Richard F. Lazur and Richard Majors 5: Gender Roles and Stereotypes Psychological Constructions of Masculinity and Femininity, Kay Deaux Manhood: Why Is Being a "Real Man" So Often a Prize to Be Won? David D. Gilmore Overcoming Stereotypes of Mothers in the African American Context, Elizabeth E. Sparks What's So Special About Sex? Gender Stereotyping and Discrimination, Susan T. Fiske and Laura E. Stevens 6: Gender Identity Development Gender Schema Theory and Its Implications for Child Development: Raising GEnder-aschematic Children in a Gender-schematic Society, Sandra Lipsitz Bem Psychosocial and Cognitive Determinants of Early Gender-Role Development, Beverly I. Fagot Gender and Relationships: A Developmental Account, Eleanor E. Maccoby 7: Gender and Sexuality Gender and the Organization of Sexual Behavior, Lenore Tiefer and Brunhild Kring Sexual Orientation and Development: An Interactive Approach, Michael R. Kauth and Seth C. Kalichman Intimate Relationships and the Creation of Sexuality, Philip Blumstein and Pepper Schwartz 8: Gender Behavior in a Social Context A Social-Psychological Model of Gender, Kay Daux and Brenda Major Gender in the Psychology of Emotion: A Selective Research Review, Stephanie A. Shields Deconstructing the Myth of the Nonaggressive Woman: A Feminist Analysis, Jacquelyn W. White and Robin M. Kowalski Gender and Altruism, Alice H. Eagly 9: Gender, Cognition, and Education Differences in Cognition: Research Dilemmas and Recommendations Why Diversity is a Critical Research Issues, Diane Halpern Gender and Math: What Makes a Difference? Meredith M. Kimball The Current Status of Gender Equity Research in American Schools, Susan McGee Bailey Anita Hill Is a Boy: Tales From a Gender-Fair Classroom, Peggy Orenstein 10: The Paradox of Relationships Men, Women, and Friendship: What They Say, What They Do, Karen Walker Lesbian and Gay Relationships, L. Anne Peplau Individualistic and Collective Perspectives on Gender and the Cultural Context of Love and Intimacy, Kenneth Dion and Karen L. Dion 11: Gender and Reconceptualizing the Family What We Call Each Other, Andee Hochman Reconsidering Research on Divorce, Family Life Cycle, and the Meaning of Family, Joy K. Rice What Fathers Provide? Reconsidering the Economic and Nurturant Dimensions of Men as Parents, Theodore F. Cohen The Allocation of Household Labor in Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Married Couples, Lawrence A. Kurdek 12: Social Institutions and Gender Guarding the Gates: The Micropolitics of Gender, Judith Lorber Affirmative Action in Theory and Practice: Issues of Power, Ambiquity, and Gender versus Race, Jennifer L. Eberhardt and Susan T. Fiske Sexual Terrorism: The Social Control of Women, Carole J. Sheffield Pain Explodes In a World of Power: Men's Violence, Michael Kaufman 13: Gender and Health Man-Made Medicine and Women's Health: The Biopolitics of Sex/Gender and Race/Ethnicity, Nancy Krieger and Elizabeth Fee Health Issues for Women in the 1990s, Iris F. Litt Can Women Cope? A Gender Analysis of Theories of Coping With Stress, Victoria L. Banyard and Sandra A. Graham-Bermann The Relationship Between Masculine Gender Role Stress and Men's Health Risk: The Validation of a Construct, Richard M. Eisler Chapter 14: Gender, Mental Health, and Psychopathology Gender and Psychological Distress, Ellen Piel Cook A Short History of the Future: Feminism and Clinical Psychology, Jeanne Marecek and Rachel T. Hare-Mustin The Politics of Psychiatry: Gender and Sexual Preference in DSM-IV, Terry A. Kupers Clinical Diagnosis among Diverse Populations: A Multicultural Perpsective, Alison Solomon The Future of Feminist Therapy, Laura S. Brown and Annette M. Brodsky