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160 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
Suitable for students in any technological field, this all-in-one reference describes the C and C++ programming languages-by example-to both experienced and inexperienced programmers alike. It covers in detail the basic tasks every programmer faces-loops, calculations, formatting, I/O-using more than 60 figures to illustrate the necessary concepts and featuring over 80 tested and working programs.
1. C/C++ Fundamentals
2. Functions
3. Relational, Bitwise, and Logical Operations
4. Looping and Recursion
5. Pointers
6. Strings
7. Numeric Arrays
8. Data Structures
9. Disk I/O
10. Advanced Topics
11. C++ Classes and Objects
Appendix A. ASCII Character Set
Appendix B. Standard Math Functions
  • Discusses a comprehensive list of C and C++ topics from fundamental concepts, control statements, loops, variables, strings, arrays, data structures, I/O to advanced topics such as the essential details needed to understand the connection between the statements in a C/C++ program and the machine language instructions necessary to perform the work of the statements.
  • Emphasizes the correct way to write a structured program in C and C++.
  • Explains the Intel Microprocessor architecture and how C and C++ can be converted to assembly language.
  • Offers a detailed treatment of objects and classes e.g., the use of constructors, destructors, friend functions, virtual and pure virtual functions and other object related operations.
  • Uses a large number of application programs