Reinforced concrete design, 3rd ed 1997


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672 p. · Hardback
The new edition of Reinforced Concrete Design includes the latest technical advances, including the 1995 American Concrete Institute Building Code. Review questions and problem sets at the end of every chapter are identical to those your civil engineering undergraduates will encounter in practice.
1 Introduction 2 Materials 3 Design of Beams for Flexure 4 Shear and Diagonal Tension 5 Torsion 6 Bond, Anchorage, and Reinforcing Details 7 Design of Columns 8 Footing Design 9 Retaining Walls 10 The Design and Analysis of Multistory Building Frames 11 Design of Two-Way Slabs 12 Prestressed Concrete Appendixes Answers to Questions Answers to Selected Problems Index