Religious experience, the (5° ed )


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1. Religion and Human Experience. I. SMALL-SCALE RELIGIONS. 2. Prehistoric and Primal Religions. II. RELIGIONS OF AFRICA. 3. The African Experience. III. RELIGIONS OF INDIA. 4. The Early Indian Experience, Jainism, and Buddhism. Vedic Religion. Jainism. The Buddha. The Upanishads. Indian Buddhism. 5. The Indian Experience: Classical Hinduism. IV. RELIGIONS OF THE FAR EAST. 6. Chinese and Japanese Religious Experience. The Three Religions of China. Confucianism. Taoism. Korean Religions. Japanese Religions. Shinto. Buddhism in Japan. V. RELIGIONS OF THE NEAR EAST. 7. Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Egyptian Religion. Mesopotamian Religion. Persian Zoroastrianism. Greek Religion. Roman Religion. 8. The Jewish Experience. 9. The Early Christian Experience. 10. The Muslim Experience. 11. The Later Christian Experience. The Reformation. VI. RELIGIONS OF THE AMERICAS. 12. The American Experience. VII. CONTEMPORARY RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE. 13. The Humanist Experience. 14. The Contemporary Experience and the Future. Decolonization and Religions. New REligious Movements. The Resurgence of Religions. The Future of Religions within a New Global Civilization. Toward a New Vision of the Human Race. Transliteration of Oriental Words. Bibliography. Index.