Research methods for criminal justice and the social sciences (1st ed )


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Cover of the book Research methods for criminal justice and the social sciences (1st ed )

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Research Methods for Criminal Justice and the Social Sciences combines a traditional research book with exercises that allow students to experience research in a controlled environment. It is a companion methods/manual for use with most traditional social scientific research textbooks. This book offers readers basic information about methodological concerns (brief readings) and a variety of practices exercises relating to those readings. Some features of this book:

  • Each chapter begins with a BRIEF discussion of the elements relevant to a basic understanding of research methods
  • After each section of each chapter are several abstracted reprints containing basic intros of published articles
  • Each reading is then followed with an Application Exercise which relates to the methodological procedure in the abstracted reprint...all exercises were designed to be completed by college students amd allows them to get their "hands dirty with the

This is a perfect resource for individuals interested in the field of criminal justice, criminology, or sociology.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Research Ethics

Chapter 3 Issues of Measurement

Chapter 4 Designing Research

Chapter 5 Sampling & Design

Chapter 6 Technologies of Observation

Chapter 7 Data Organization and Analysis

Chapter 8 Policy Implications