Research methods in criminal justice & criminology (8th Ed.)


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Subjects for Research methods in criminal justice & criminology

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A classic in its field, this best-selling book teaches general research methods using standard and contemporary examples of criminal justice and criminology research. Featuring both qualitative and quantitative studies, the author helps students develop fundamental research skills and acquaints them with the literature of the field. This edition features updated tables, figures and examples and includes new information on prison research, Internet resources and visual criminology.

1. Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods

2. Ethics in Criminal Justice Research

3. Research Design: The Experimental Model and Its Variations

4. The Uniform Crime Reports and Sampling

5. Survey Research: Questionnaires

6. Survey Research: Interviews and Telephone Surveys

7. Participant Observation and Case Studies

8. Unobtrusive Measures, Secondary Analysis, and the Uses of Official Statistics

9. Validity, Reliability, and Triangulated Strategies

10. Scaling and Index Construction

11. Policy Analysis and Evaluation Research

12. Data Management: Coding, Tabulation and Simple Data Presentation

13. Data Analysis: A User's Guide to Statistics