Russian grammar workbook (2nd Ed.)


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296 p. · Paperback
Now updated and revised, the second edition of A Russian Grammar Workbook is an essential tool for serious students of the Russian language. Designed for use as a companion volume to the highly-acclaimed A Comprehensive Russian Grammar or as an independent resource, the workbook features highly detailed coverage of all aspects of Russian grammar.

In this new edition, Russian language specialist David Gillespie further refines and updates Terence Wade&rsquo,s original work by reflecting changes in Russian lexis and grammar over recent years. Activities in the text range from substitution drills and multiple choice questions to grammatical quizzes and translation exercises, with all-important grammatical points illustrated and explored in depth. The structure of the book is directly linked to the Grammar, a transparent arrangement that allows ease of referencing back and forth between the two books. It also features a key for students working independently and helpful suggestions for ways to follow up particularly complex issues in greater detail. The Workbook provides a rigorous and hands-on guide to Russian grammar for students who are intent on mastering the nuance and complexities of this language.