Safely Prosperous or Really Rich
Choosing Your Personal Financial Heaven


Prefaced by: Allen Robert G.

Language: Anglais
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Praise for SAFELY PROSPEROUS or REALLY RICH? "Howard′s brilliant concept that the roads to Prosperity and Riches are very different is very liberating. In most financial books, the author would never do what Howard has done–recount with unflinching honesty the big financial mistakes he and his subscribers have made over the years so readers can avoid the same stumbling blocks and pitfalls. Only a very secure man would have the guts to do that." –Robert Allen author of Multiple Streams of Income and Nothing Down "Howard Ruff is back, offering a wealth of powerful new financial advice for America′s middle class. In his new manual, Safely Prosperous or Really Rich?, he challenges you to choose between two roads. The older I get, the more I favor ′Safely Prosperous,′ but you make the call. I also love Howard′s old–fashioned moral perspectives on money." –Mark Skousen editor of Forecasts and Strategies "Safely Prosperous or Really Rich? is destined to be one of the most influential books of the early twenty–first century, just as his mega bestseller, How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years, changed millions of lives in the late ′70s. Welcome back, Howard." –John Mauldin author of Bull′s Eye Investing