Safety and Risk Modeling and Its Applications


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Safety and Risk Modeling presents the latest theories and methods of safety and risk with an emphasis on safety and risk in modeling. It covers applications in several areas including transportations and security risk assessments, as well as applications related to current topics in safety and risk.

Safety and Risk Modeling is a valuable resource for understanding the latest developments in both qualitative and quantitative methods of safety and risk analysis and their applications in operating environments. Each chapter has been written by active researchers or experienced practitioners to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to trigger new research challenges in safety and risk. Topics include: safety engineering, system maintenance, safety in design, failure analysis, and risk concept and modelling.

Postgraduate students, researchers, and practitioners in many fields of engineering, operations research, management, and statistics will find Safety and Risk Modeling a state-of-the-art survey of reliability and quality in design and practice.

Part I: Concepts and Methods
Risk Analysis and Management: Basic Concepts and Principles
Risk and Safety Management: Procedures, Methods, Experiences
Safety-oriented Bubble Diagrams in Project Risk Management
Review of an Insurance Policy of a Directive Seveso III Industrial Activity by Using Risk Analysis
Models and Methods of Ship-Bridge Collisions Risk Assessment
Human Error in Shipping: An Investigative Study
Part II: Advanced Methods in Safety and Risk
Risk-based Model of Information Optimization in Maritime Electronic Chart Applications
Dynamic Methodologies for Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Fundamentals of the Dempster-Shafer Theory and its Applications to System Safety
Two Generalized Competing Risk Models for Maintenance Analysis
Monte Carlo Method of Ship Underkeel Clearance Evaluation for Safety of Ferry Approach to Ystad Port Determination
Adopted Isochrones Method Improving Ship Safety in Weather Routing with Evolutionary Approach
Part III: Modeling and Analysis
Risk Analysis by Threshold Evaluation: A New Approach to OHS in Enterprises
Management Policy for Pre-payment Risk of a Monetary Facility
An Analysis of the Correlation of Expert Opinions in Security Risk Assessment
Mortality-Safety Analysis, Modeling and Prediction
Collection and Analysis of Climatic Measurements for the Assessment of Snow Loads on Structures
Combining Service Patrol and Crash Data for Use in Highway Safety and Operational Analyses
Part IV: Applications and Practices
Emergency Evacuation Methodologies for an Urban Area Using Advanced Microscopic Simulator
Novel Design of Tunnel Type Biodigesters
Uncertainties in Risk Analysis: Consequence Assessment in an Hydrogen Refueling Station
Agent System in Control of Ship Movement
Frequencies Assessment of Loss Containment Subject to Risk Prevention and Mitigation
New Aspects about Territorial Planning

Provides the latest developments in both qualitative and quantitative methods of safety and risk analysis

Includes safety and risk analysis applications in operating environments

Written by an expert in reliability engineering