Saudi Arabia and Iran
Friends or Foes?


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In a riveting narrative based on accounts of her interactions with Saudi and Iranian politicians and rich archival material, a leading scholar on the Middle East unravels the mysteries of a contentious relationship. This seasoned observer of political and diplomatic worlds shatters the myth of the inevitability of sectarian conflict and that the diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran is exhausted. Instead, Banafsheh Keynoush argues that it has yet to be explored, by recasting the partnership from a US-centered point of view to one based on how Saudi Arabia and Iran see their roles. Who is to blame and how to fix it is part of this penetrating historic account which captivates readers through accurate, non-sensational, and objective analysis. Keynoush recounts it all: the fears, misunderstandings, prejudices, and ambitions that have hobbled efforts to build a lasting partnership, creating a work that is important to both the expert and the layperson.
1 Overview of Saudi-Iranian Relations.- 2 How Religion Shaped the Saudi-Iranian Relations.- 3 Saudi Arabia and Iran in Early Twentieth Century.- 4 Early Diplomatic Relations.- 5 Diplomatic Relations: 1955–63.- 6 Epoch of Saudi Arabian-Iranian Cooperation and Rivalry.- 7 Saudi Arabia and Revolutionary Iran.- 8 Saudi-Iranian Détente.- 9 Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s Quest for Stability after 9/11.- 10 Saudi Arabia, Iran and Gulf Geopolitics: The Case of Iraq.- 11 Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Levant Geopolitics: The Cases of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine.