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Save Energy, Save Money will be a timely book that teaches readers what they can do to cut energy costs in the home and in the car. This book will be based on Alvin Ubell's Energy-Saving Guide for Homeowners-a book which sold over 1,000,000 copies in its 10 printings from 1980 to 1988. Save Energy, Save Money will be a Do-It-Yourself book that covers specific things that all homeowners/car owners can do to save on their bills, such as how to make your furnace more efficient, how to save on lighting how to minimize heat loss through windows and doors, how to use your appliances economically, how to find the most energy efficient car for your need, how to save on car fuel costs, how to take advantage of energy tax breaks, and more!


1.Tracking Your Energy Dollars.

What Is Your E.Q.? Do You Know Where Your Energy Dollar Goes?

2.Insulating Your Home.

Before You Begin. Installing Insulation.

3.Keeping Out the Cold.

Taking Care of Windows and Doors. Shopping for Roofing and Siding Materials. Using Smart Landscaping.

4.Living Efficiently Year Round.

How Do You Heat? Cool, Man, Cool: Air-Conditioning and Ventilation.

5.Stretching Your Energy Dollar-at Home and on the Road.

Saving Around the House. Saving in Your Home Office. Saving Behind the Wheel. Getting a Tax Credit.

Appendix A. Track Your Energy Expenses.

Appendix B. Prepare for the Worst.

Appendix C. For More Information.