Schaum's outline of beginning physics II (paper)


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320 p. · 27.9x21 cm · Paperback
This is a user-friendly introductory text aimed at first-year physics undergraduates as well as mathematics undergraduates needing to brush up on physics.
Wave Motion. Sound. Coulomb's Law and Electric Fields. Electric Potential and Capacitance. Simple Electric Circuits. Magnetism Effect of the Field. Magnetism Source of the Field. Magnetic Properties of Matter. Induced EMF. Inductance. Time Varying Electric Circuits. Electromagnetic Waves. Light and Optical Phenomena. Mirrors, Lenses and Optical Instruments. Interference, Diffraction and Polarization. Special Relativity. Particles of Light and Waves of Matter:Introduction to Quantum Physics. Modern Physics: Atomic, Nuclear and Solid-State Physics.