Schaum's outline of fluid dynamics (3rd Ed.)


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344 p. · 20.6x27.4 cm · Soft-cover
This text gives an explanation of fluid mechanics topics, and features specialized material such as hypersonic flow and non-Newtonian fluids. It also contains information on solving the equations that are the foundation of fluid mechanics by computer.
Introduction Fluid Statistics Mathematical Models of Fluid Motion Dimensional Analysis and Similitude Boundary Layer Flow and Flow in Pipes and Ducts Incompressible Potential Flow One-Dimensional Compressible Flow Two-Dimensional Compressible Flow Gasdynamics Incompressible Turbulent Flow Hypersonic Boundary Layer Flow Mangetohydrodynamics Non-Newtonian Fluids Appendix A: Some Properties of Fluids Appendix B: Units and Dimensions Appendix C: Some Basic Equations in Various Coordinate Systems Appendix D: Tables for Compressible Flow Appendix E: Cartesian Tensors Appendix F: Vector Identities Appendix G: Flow Measuring Techniques