Sex steroids and bone (Schering foundation workshop, vol 9), Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1994
Ernst Schering Foundation Symposium Proceedings Series, Vol. 9

Coordinators: Ziegler Reinhard, Pfeilschifter Johannes, Bräutigam Matthias

Language: Anglais

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Sex Steroids and Bone
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205 p. · 14x21.6 cm · Paperback

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Sex steroids and bone (Schering foundation workshop, vol 9)
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234 p. · 21.6x13.8 cm
Presenting the proceedings of a Schering Foundation workshop, this volume provides an overview of the control of bone haemostasis using sex steroids. A general survey is also provided of in vivo experimentation and the histomorphometric evaluation of bone tissue.
1 View of a Clinician: Sex Steroids and Osteoporosis.- 2 The Anabolic Action of Estrogen on Rat Bone.- 3 Progesterone and Its Role in Bone Remodelling.- 4 The Effect of Sex Steroids on Calciotropic Hormones In Vivo.- 5 Effects of Estrogen on Growth Factors in Bone.- 6 Estrogens, Cytokines, and Bone Metabolism.- 7 Sex Steroids and Prostaglandins in Bone Metabolism.- 8 Animal Models for Osteoporosis.- 9 The Rat as an Animal Model of Postmenopausal Bone Loss.- 10 Histomorphometric Studies of Bone Changes in Ovariectomized Rats and Their Prevention by Estrogen Replacement.- 11 Biochemical Assessment of Bone Metabolism in Rodents.