So you want to be a brain surgeon ? A medical careers guide, 2° edition 2001


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Training is an area where specifics change quite rapidly and especially given the current context of the changing health service.
Elizabeth Paice: Postgraduate training and flexible training, Judith Evans: Women in medicine, David Evered: Medical research, Dudley Sinnett: Breast surgery and surgical oncology, Jon Anderson: Cardiothoracic surgery, A J Shorthouse: Coloproctology and upper gastrointestinal surgery, Grant Bates: ENT, Nicholas Stafford: Head and neck surgery, Peter T Blenkinsopp: Maxillofacial surgery, Per Hall: Plastic reconstructive surgery, David M Evans: Hand surgery, Peter Richards: Neurosurgery, Andrew J Carr: Orthopaedic surgery, Christopher J K Bulstrode: Special trauma surgery, D M Burge: Paediatric surgery, Paul Lear: Transplant surgery, Jonathan Ramsey: Urology, John H N Wolfe: Vascular surgery, Michael Hull, Bob Anderson, Pippa Kyle, Julian Jenkins, and Phillip Smith: Obstetrics and gynaecology, Tunde Gbolade: Family planning and reproductive healthcare, Raja Jayaweera: Anaesthetics and intensive care, Peter Evans: Practice of pain management, George K Freeman: General Practice, Jon A J Macleod: Remote rural practice, Brian Hurwitz: Inner city practice, Jonathan Wyatt: Accident and Emergency medicine, Tony Sirimanna: Audiological medicine, William N Hubbard: Cardiology, Stephen G P Webster: Care of the elderly, Barbara Southcott: Clinical oncology, J M Ritter: Clinical pharmacology, Jonathan Leonard: Dermatology, Philip J Heyburn: Endocrinology and diabetes, B T Cooper: Gastroenterology, D Daniels: Genitourinary medicine, Robert N Davidson: Infectious disease and tropical medicine, Gordon Rustin: Medical oncology, Bryan English: Musculoskeletal medicine, John Buscombe: Nuclear medicine, Roderick Duncan: Neurology, Ian Lambert: Occupational health, Nicholas Evans: Ophthalmology, Christopher Rolles: Paediatrics, Andrew Hoy: Palliative medicine, Tom W Davies: Public health medicine, Philip J Robinson: Radiology: diagnostic and interventional, Charles Tomson: Renal medicine, A Seed: Respiratory medicine, Simon Allard: Rheumatology, David Grundy: Spinal injuries, J B King: Sports medicine, David John Cottrell: Psychiatry, Surgeon Commander John Gabb: Royal Navy, Major Tim J Hodgetts: The Army, Group Captain M Ranger: The Royal Air Force, Philip D Mayne: Chemical Pathology, Christopher Milroy: Forensic Pathology, Sally C Davies: Haematology, Iain Lindsay: Histopathology and cytopathology, Jim Darroch: Immunology, D K Banerjee: Medical microbiology, Virge James: Transfusion medicine, Judy Breuer: Virology, John Morris: Anatomy, Helen Kingston: Clinical genetics, Frank Harrison: Physiology, Diana Garnham: Medical research charities, Dr Hugh Boardman: Pharmaceutical medicine, Wynne Weston Davies: Medical devices, Penny Brougham: Complementary medicine, Wendy Thorpe: Civil service, Roy Burrows: Prison medical service, Peter Simpson: Medical management and politics, Peter McCrorie: Medical education, Patrick Hoyte: Medical defence organisations, Paul Yates: Law, Len Doyal: Medical ethics, David Devlin: Medical journalism, Sallie Nicholas: Working overseas, Isobel McConnan: International health exchange, Sue Randall and Jane Ellis: Voluntary service overseas, Peter Saunders: Christian medical work overseas, Gerald Waddington: Ship's doctor
The market consists of prospective medical students, current undergraduate and postgraduate students, their teachers, deans and advisors. Primary - medical students Secondary - sixth formers considering a career in medicine, school career a
  • Includes contributions from experts from a wide range of medical specialties offering information on the medical paths they have chosen
  • Personal accounts offer a genuine impression of what it's like to work in each area
  • User-friendly and fun job summary tables allow at-a-glance comparisons to be made between books
  • For each specialty, practical advice is offered on the personal qualities needed, level of competition, salaries available, stress levels, and pros and cons