Social Learning In Animals


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The increasing realization among behaviorists and psychologists is that many animals learn by observation as members of social systems. Such settings contribute to the formation of culture. This book combines the knowledge of two groups of scientists with different backgrounds to establish a working consensus for future research. The book is divided into two major sections, with contributions by a well-known, international, and interdisciplinary team which integrates these growing areas of inquiry.

Key Features
* Integrates the broad range of scientific approaches being used in the studies of social learning and imitation, and society and culture
* Provides an introduction to this field of study as well as a starting point for the more experienced researcher
* Chapters are succinct reviews of innovative discoveries and progress made during the past decade
* Includes statements of varied theoretical perspectives on controversial topics
* Authoritative contributions by an international team of leading researchers
Social Learning:
B.G. Galef, Jr., Introduction.
J. Terkel, Cultural Transmission of Feeding Behavior in the Black Rat (Rattus rattus).
B.G. Galef, Jr., Social Enhancement of Food Preferences in Norway Rats: A Brief Review.
D.M. Fragaszy and E. Visalberghi, Social Learning in Monkeys: Primate 'Primacy' Reconsidered.
L.A. Dugatkin, Copying and Mate Choice.
L. Lefebvre and L.-A. Giraldeau, Is Social Learning and Adaptive Specialization?
K.N. Laland, P.J. Richeron, and R. Boyd, Developing a Theory of Animal Social Learning.
M.E. West, Social Learning: Synergy and Songbirds.
R.R. Provine, Contagious Yawning and Laughing: Significance for Sensory Feature Detection, Motor Pattern Generation, Imitation and the Evolution of Social Behavior.
C.M. Heyes, Introduction: Identifying and Defining Imitation.
T.R. Zentall, An Analysis of Imitative Learning in Animals.
B.R. Moore, The Evolution of Imitative Learning.
M.A. Huffman, Acquisition of Innovative Cultural Behaviors in Nonhuman Primates: A Case Study of Stone Handling, a Socially Transmitted Behavior in Japanese Macaques.
A. Whiten and D. Custance, Studies of Imitation in Chimpanzees and Children.
M. Tomasello, Do Apes Ape?
A. Meltzoff, The Human Infant as Imitative Generalist: A 20-Year Progressive Report.
C.M. Heyes, Genuine Imitation?
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