Social problems :a critical approach


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A critical approach to the analysis of social problems facing the world today that examines both the causes of those problems and their human implications. Twelve chapters look at large societal issues such as Environmental Abuse and Economic Inequality and Poverty. The final five chapters focus on problems of an individual nature such as family-related problems and criminal behavior. The Fourth Edition has been substantively revised to include current issues such as the rise of temporary employees, the growing concentration of wealth, immigration in an increasingly diverse United States, an entirely new chapter on Heterosexism, the failures of the U.S. health care system, suicide among the young and old, and more.
Part ONE: Macro Problems Chapter 1 The Global Context Chapter 2 Concentration of Political and Economic Power Chapter 3 Militarism and War Chapter 4 Environmental Abuse Chapter 5 Work Chapter 6 Economic Inequality and Poverty Chapter 7 Schooling and Unequal Educational Opportunity Chapter 8 Racism Chapter 9 Sexism Chapter 10 Heterosexism Chapter 11 Ageism Chapter 12 Health Care
Part TWO: Micro Problems Chapter 13 Family-Related Problems Chapter 14 Criminal Behavior Chapter 15 Mental Illness Chapter 16 Suicide Chapter 17 Substance Abuse