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Includes separate chapters on theory and research and then applies theoretical perspectives throughout the book, Takes a cross-cultural approach, Provides Readings for In-depth Focus, at the end of each chapter, Includes chapters on divorce, fertility, marital satisfaction, and diversity to present alternative family arrangements.
Each chapter includes Summary and Readings for In-Depth Focus. Part 1: SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY.: THE FOUNDATIONS. 1.American Families in Historical Perspective. Myths Surrounding Families. Defining Families. Families in Historical Perspective. Families in the Twentieth Century. Trends: Does History Repeats Itself? Stephanie Coontz, The Way We Wish We Were. 2.Gathering and Evaluating Data about Families. Studying Families through Empirical Research. Research Strategies. Additional Challenges Studying Families. Research Ethics. Evaluating Family Scholarship: A Checklist. Terry Arendell, Methods, Sources, and Research Needs. 3.Theoretical Perspectives in Family Sociology. Theories: What Are They and Why Are They Useful? Symbolic Interaction Theory. Structural-Functional Theory. Conflict Theory. Multiple Theoretical Perspectives. Wesley R. Burr, Using Theories in Family Science. 4.Understanding Family Diversity. Understanding Family Patterns. The Comparative Perspective in Family Studies. The Comparative Method. Wyatt MacGaffey, Husbands and Wives. Part 2: FAMILY STUDIES.: THE PERENNIAL SOCIOLOGICAL VARIABLES. 5.Gender. Sex and Gender. Sex Development and Differentiation. Agents of Gender Socialization. Gender Socialization and Social Change. Womens Labor Force Participation and Family Life. Theoretical Perspectives on Gender. Arlie Hochschild, Joeys Problem. 6.Socioeconomic Status. The Impact of Social Class. Defining Socioeconomic Status. Theoretical Perspectives on Social Stratification. Measuring Social Class. Social Class Prototypes. Socialization and Social Class. The Perennial Variables: Gender, Race, and Socioeconomic Status. Karen Seccombe, Stigma and Discrimination. 7.Race and Ethnicity. Defining Diversity. Studying Diverse Families. Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the United States. African American Families. Hispanic American and Latino Families. Asian American and Pacific Islander American Families. Native American, Eskimo, and Aleut Families. Theoretical Perspectives on Minority Families. Charles Vert Willie, Gifts to America from the Black Experience. Part 3: INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS.: ISSUES IN THE FAMILY LIFE CYCLE. 8.Love and Partner Selection. Dating and Mating in the United States. Cohabitation. Factors That Influence Partner Selection. Methodological Limitations of Research on Mate Selection. Social Exchange Theory: A Framework for Understanding Mate Selection. Gender: A Perennial Variable. Francesca M. Cancian, Androgynous Love in Marriage. 9.Sexual Attitudes, Behaviors, and Relationships. Studying Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors. Trends in Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors. Explaining the Sexual Revolution. Sexual Behavior across the Life Span. Sexuality and the Perennial Variables. Sexuality and Sexually Transmitted Infections. Susan Sprecher and Kathleen McKinney, Sexual Behaviors in Close Couples. 10.Marital Relationships and Domestic Partnerships. Marital Adjustment, Relationship Satisfaction, and Quality. Marital Adjustment over the Life Cycle. Dealing with Marital Conflict. Sharon McQuaide, Women at Midlife. 11.Fertility Patterns and Challenges of Parenthood. Population Patterns and Trends. Fertility Patterns and Trends. Use of Birth Control and Abortion. Deciding to Become a Parent. Infertility Issues and Opinions. Margarete Sandelowski, Separate, But Less Unequal. 12.Family Violence. Defining and Studying Family Violence. Theories of Family Violence. Child Maltreatment. Abuse in Intimate Relationships. Marital Violence against Women. Violence in Dating Relationships. Elder Abuse. Michael J. Martin, Child Sexual Abuse. 13.Divorce and Remarriage. Divorce Trends. Studies Comparing Divorce in Different Countries. Divorce in the United States. Effects of Divorce. Child Custody, Child Support, and Visitation Patterns. Remarriage. Richard R. Peterson, A Re-Evaluation of the Economic Consequences of Divorce. Brenda J. Vander Mey, Women Still Suffer the Economic Consequences of Divorce More: What Weitzman Said Back to Peterson. Richard R. Peterson, Statistical Errors, Faulty Conclusions, Misguided Policy. 14.Singlehood in Perspective. The Rise in Singlehood: A Sociological Analysis. Singlehood and Socioeconomic Status. Singlehood and Gender. Singlehood and Race and Ethnicity. Stereotypes and the Problems Singles Encounter. Diversity among Singles. Natalie Schwartzberg, Kathy Berliner, and Demaris Jacob, The Couples Culture and the Single Adult. Index.