Somitogenesis, Part 2
Current Topics in Developmental Biology Series, Vol. 48

Directors of collection: Pedersen Roger A., Schatten Gerald P.

Language: Anglais
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The chapters contained in this two-volume set provide a broad perspective on the novel strategies and conceptual paradigms that drive the current resurgence of interest in somitogenesis - the process by which somites form and elaborate differentiated tissues and structures. Because somites are a ubiquitous feature of vertebrate embryos, they can be studied in a variety of experimental animal models including those amenable to genetic (zebrafish, mammalian), molecular/genetic (mammalian, avian) as well as those already well established for classical experimental embryological and cell biological studies (amphibians, avian). The wide variety of experimental approaches to somitogenesis that are presented in these volumes will leave the reader with a broad perspective on how current research in somitogenesis is helping to solve fundamental questions in vertebrate development and morphogenesis.

  • Novel transcriptional mechanisms that control repetitive pattern formation
  • Wide-scale genetic screens for mutations affecting somitogenesis
  • Molecular/genetic control of pattern and tissue formation during somitogenesis
  • Transplantation of mouse embryo somites
  • Classical embryological approaches and concepts
  • Evolutionary perspectives on somitogenesis
B. Brand-Saberi and B. Christ, Evolution and Development of Distinct Cell Lineages Derived from Somites.
A.-H. Monsoro-Burq and N. Le Douarin, Duality of Molecular Signaling Involved in Vertebral Chondrogenesis.
J.L. Dockter, Sclerotome Induction and Differentiation.
H.-H. Arnold and T. Braun, Genetics of Muscle Determination and Development.
A.-G. Borycki and C.P. Emerson, Jr., Multiple Tissue Interaction and Signal Transduction Pathways Control Somite Myogenesis.
S. Tajbakhsh and M. Buckingham, The Birth of Muscle Progenitor Cells in the Mouse: Spatiotemporal Considerations.
J. Fontaine-Pérus, Mouse-Chick Chimera: An Experimental System for Study of Somite Development.
D. Summerbell and P.W.J. Rigby, Transcriptional Regulation during Somitogenesis.
C.P. Ordahl, B.A. Williams, and W. Denetclaw, Determination and Morphogenesis in Myogenic Progenitor Cells: An Experimental Embryological Approach
Graduate students and researchers in developmental biology, cellular biology, genetics, molecular biology, and neuroscience.