Sound studio construction on a budget


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From one of the world's leading acoustics experts, this nuts-and-bolts book offers complete instructions and guidance for building your own inexpensive sound studio. Anyone with a discerning ear and a modicum of electronics skills can follow the clear plans for 10 designs, which include a voice-over recording studio, recording studios for modern, classical, and rock music, a home theater, small announce booth, control room, and music listening room. All projects are fully illustrated and accompanied by complete
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Introduction.A Voice-Over Recording Studio.A Recording Studio for Modern and Classical Music.A Recording Studio for Rock Music.A Small Announce Booth.A Film/Video/Audio Work Room.Home Theater.Control Room.Hi-Fi Listening Room.Appendices: A: Diffusion by Schroeder Diffusor.B: Site Selection.C: Wall Construction and Performance.D: Floor and Ceiling Construction and Performance.E: HVAC Precautions.F: Doors and Observation Windows.G: Normal Mode Problems.H: Sound Absorption Coefficients.