Statistics and data analysis for nursing research


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The second edition of Statistics and Data Analysis for Nursing,uses a conversational style to teach students how to use statistical methods and procedures to analyze research findings.Readers are guided through the complete analysis process from performing a statistical analysis to the rationale behind doing so.Special focus is given to quantitative methods. Other features include management of data, how to "clean" data, and how to work around missing data. New to this edition are

updatedresearch examplesutilizinging examples from an international mix of studies published by nurse researchers in 2006-2009.

Chapter Chapter Title

1Introduction to Data Analysis in an Evidence-Based Practice Environment

2Frequency Distribution: Tabulating and Displaying Data

3Central Tendency, Variability, and Location

4Correlation, Crosstabulation, and Risk Indexes: Describing Relationships:

5Statistical Inference

6t Tests

7Analysis of Variance

8Chi Square and Other Nonparametric Tests

9Correlation and Simple Regression

10Multiple Regression

11Analysis of Covariance, MANOVA, and Other Related Multivariate Techniques

12Using Logistic Regression

13Factor Analysis and Internal Consistency Reliability Analysis

14Missing Values

Appendix A: Theoretical Probability Tables

Appendix B: Power Analysis/Effect Size Tables

Appendix C: Tips on Handling Missing Data

Appendix D: Answers for Selected Exercises