Student's guide to UNIX, 2nd ed 96


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With its easy-to-read, coaching style and well-designed plan, A Student's Guide to Unix, 2/e is the best way to introduce students to the complex world of Unix. This edition is a comprehensive revision of the first Unix textbook specifically developed for the university environment. Designed to be a reference and an educational resource, the book describes all the basic skills involved, as well as countless tips, hints and techniques. This edition includes chapters on the Emacs editor, Job Control and the Korn Shell. It has also been improved as a reference text.
1 Introduction to Unix 2 What is Unix? 3 The Unix Connection 4 Starting to use Unix 5 Starting with X Window 6 Using the Keyboard with Unix 7 Programs to use right away (including games) 8 The Online Unix Manual 9 Command Syntax 10 The Shell 11 Using the C-Shell 12 Using the Korn Shell 13 Communicating with other people 14 Networks and Addresses 15 Mail 16 The Pine Mail Program and The pico Editor 17 The Elm Mail Program 18 Redirection and Pipes 19 Filters 20 Diplaying Files 21 Printing Files 22 The vi Editor 23 The emacs Editor 24 The Unix File System 25 Working with Directories 26 Working with Files 27 Processes and Job Control Appendixes