Successful teaching in the elementary classroom


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This book covers classroom management, assessment, planning and various models of teaching, within a framework of thoughtful, critical inquiry. The book does an excellent job of combining effective teaching knowledge with constuctivist perspectives of teacher development, and shows how teachers interpret and test knowledge. KEY TOPICS: Includes an entire chapter on inquiry models of teaching. Addresses metacognitive aspects of teacher development in order to promote inquiry. Presents many issues in a question format that invites readers to interpret and reach their own conclusions. MARKET: For Elementary School Educators and Administrators.
1. What Is Successful Teaching? Making Sense of Many Views. 2. How Do I Learn About Successful Teaching? Constructing Understanding about Knowledge, Knowing, and Belief. 3. Can I Really Succeed with All the Children? Student Diversity and Student Differences. 4. How Do I Get the Children to Work with Me? Managing Student Behavior. 5. How Do I Get Started in the Right Direction? Understanding and Managing the Curriculum. 6. How Do I Get There? Short Term Planning for Teaching and Learning. 7. What Do Successful Teachers Do? The Research on Effective Instruction. 8. How Do I Teach Factual Knowledge? Explicit Instruction and Its Variants. 9. How Do I Teach for Inquiry? Questioning and Implicit Instruction. 10. How Do I Engage Children In Learning? Seatwork, Centers, Cooperative Learning and Technology. 11. How Do I Know When Im Successful? Evaluation of Student Learning. 12. What Classroom Climate Should I Build? A Review of Current Theory and Research about Management.