Surface Complexation Modelling


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Surface Complexation Modelling deals with various aspects associate to the modelling of solutes adsorption from of solutes from aqueous solutions to minerals. The individual contributions cover fundamental aspects and applications. Applications cover case studies and present consistent surface complexation parameter sets. The model approaches range from simplistic to mechanistic. More fundamental contributions address underlying phenomena or stress the opportunities of modern computational methods. Several mineral systems are covered, including goethite, gibbsite, clay minerals etc.
Surface Complexation Modelling presents the state-of-the-art of surface complexation modelling and suggests ideas for further model development. A number of chapters are authored by scientists working on nuclear waste storage, where the retention of radionuclides contributes to preventing radionuclide migration from the repository to the biosphere. Other contributions come from soil and environmental chemists with an interest in reactive transport of pollutants in soils or aquifers.

* Covering a wide range of disciplines
* Bringing together contributions from experts in the field
* Providing a balance between the theoretical and applied aspects
Section Headings
Solution chemistry, solubility and surface charge measurements
Electrical double layer
Macroscopic observations and molecular level understanding
Effects of temperature
Site heterogeneity
Applications to the adsorption of common inorganic ions
Application to the adsorption of radionuclides