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Hour 1.Analyze Your Objectives.

Business Plans: Facts and Fiction. Who the Target Audience Really Is for Your Business Plan. Why Your Business Needs a Business Plan. The Components of a Successful Business Plan. Who Writes Your Business Plan? How to Move from Idea to Reality. How to Define Success. Homework.

Hour 2.Analyze Your Audience.

Determining the Audience for Your Business Plan. Writing for Your Audience. Understanding Specific Audiences. Researching What Others Have Done. Homework.

Hour 3.Analyze Your Market.

Why Market Analysis Is Important. Defining Your Market. Quantifying Your Market. Detailing the Market. Projecting the Future. Key Market Information. Homework.

Hour 4.Analyze Your Strengths.

Identifying What You Do Well. Different Kinds of Strengths. Determining Your Strengths. Learning from Your Strengths. Broadcasting Your Strengths. Figuring Out Where You're Weak. Completing the Strengths and Weaknesses Checklist. Homework.

Hour 5.Analyze Your Strategy.

What You Are And What You Want to Be. Figuring Out Where You Want to Be in the Future. Forging a Path to Your Future Business. Elements of a Sound Business Strategy. Homework.

Hour 6.Analyze Your Options.

Determining How Much Money You Need And Why. Nonequity Funding. Equity Funding. Which Is the Right Option for Your Business? Homework.


Hour 7.Create Your Outline.

Telling the Story. The Elements of a Typical Business Plan. Making Your Business and Your Plan Fit Together. Homework.

Hour 8.Marshal Your Resources.

Getting Organized. What Kind of Help Do You Need? Who Can You Use? Who Does What? Homework.

Hour 9.Build Your Numbers.

A Quick Financial Refresher Course. Essential Financial Statements. Margins and Ratios. Homework.


Hour 10.Executive Summary.

Why You Need an Executive Summary. How to Summarize Your Plan. Different Styles of Summaries. What to Include in the Executive Summary. What Not to Include in the Executive Summary. Alternate Approaches. What to Do If Your Summary Runs Long. Executive Summary Checklist. Homework.

Hour 11.Vision and Mission.

The Vision Statement. The Mission Statement. Presenting Your Vision and Mission. Vision and Mission Checklist. Homework.

Hour 12.Opportunity.

Choosing the Data You Need. Writing the Opportunity Section. Presenting Data in Alternate Formats. Opportunity Checklist. Homework.

Hour 13.Market Strategy.

Building Your Market Strategy. Writing the Market Strategy Section. Product. Sales and Distribution. Marketing. Competitive Comparison. Market Strategy Checklist. Homework.

Hour 14.Business Strategy.

Building Your Business Strategy. Defining Your Business Model. Identifying Necessary Strategic Initiatives. Preparing a Timeline. Business Strategy Checklist. Homework.

Hour 15.Organization and Operations.

Outlining and Preparation. Presenting Your Organization. Discussing Your Operations. Organization and Operations Checklist. Homework.

Hour 16.Management.

Providing a Strong Lead-In. Writing a Compelling Bio. Making the List. Ordering the List. Management Section Checklist. Homework.

Hour 17.Core Competencies and Challenges.

Presenting Your Strengths and Weaknesses. Presenting Core Competencies. Presen