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Alpha Teach Yourself Retirement Planning in 24 Hours will provide readers with something they don't get with most of the retirement planning books that are out there now-a step-by-step format that walks them through each stage of planning process, from identifying where they are currently, to how to predict how much they'll need in retirement, to how much they need to invest to reach their goals, to how to execute their savings, investing, and spending plans. And it doesn't stop there. The book also provides readers with tips on how to change their savings and investing strategies as they approach retirement and once they've retired.


I.Your Retirement Needs

Hour 1.Confronting Retirement Realities.

Increasing Life Spans. Retirement Stages. Demographic Trends. Sandwich Generation. Divorce. Retirement Gender Gap. Disability. Benefit Cutbacks. Employer Cutbacks. Government Benefit Cutbacks. Economic Trends. Shift to Personal Responsibility. Hour's Up!

Hour 2.Envisioning Your Retirement.

Decide When. The Cost of When. When to Say When. Decide Where. Location Considerations. Location Choices. Decide About Working Part-Time. Decide on Leisure and Travel Goals. Decide on Your Overall Living Standard. Hour's Up!

Hour 3.Quantifying Retirement Costs. Estimate Food and Shelter Costs. Active Adult Retirement Communities (AARC). Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). Concentrated Retirement Care Living Options. Homeowner's Insurance. Estimate Healthcare Costs. Estimate Leisure and Travel Costs. Estimate Other Recurring Budget Items. Personal Care. Clothing and Local Transportation. Professional Services and Insurance. Taxes and Lump-Sum Expenses. Combine Estimates into Total Budget. Hour's Up!
Hour 4.Quantifying Retirement Assets.

Your Financial Assets. .Inventory Cash-Equivalent Savings. Inventory Market and Insurance Investments. Inventory Personal Retirement Assets. Inventory Employer Retirement Benefits. Inventory Government (Aided) Retirement Benefits. Inventory Home Equity, Real Estate. Inventory Property, Collectibles, Business Value. Inventory Potential Gifts and Inheritance. Understand Your Liabilities. Your Retirement-Ready Net Worth. Compile Your Inventory. What You Can Do Now. Hour's Up!


Hour 5.Retirement Finance Basics.

Understand Inflation and Interest Rates. Return on Investment. Rate of Return. Historical Rate-of-Return Yardsticks. Understand Taxation Basics. Understand After-Tax Cash Flow. Understand Time Value of Money. Understand Estimation and Assumption. Hour's Up!

Hour 6.Retirement Gap Calculation.

Understanding the Retirement Gap Concept. Financial Formulas Used in Calculations. Inflation. Investment Return. Synchronize for Growth with Inflation. Retirement Need Gap Calculation. Hour's Up!

Hour 7.Introduction to Retirement Gap Calculation.

Setting the Stage. Preparing the Worksheets. Retirement Need Gap Calculation Procedure. Calculating Your Own Retirement Gap. Hour's Up!

Hour 8.Retirement Gap Solutions.

Budgeting Basics. Investing Basics. Utilize Tax Reduction/Deferral Basics. Benefit Utilization Basics. Understand Dual-Purpose Resources. Your Home. Tax-Deferred Retirement Savings. Invest in Your Earning Potential. What Can You Do?. Hour's Up!


Hour 9.Social Security.

Understand Contributions and Eligibility. Estimate Standard Benefit. Evaluate Early/Delayed Benefit Options. Early Retirement. Delayed Retirement. Estimate Supplementary Income Effects. Evaluate Taxation of Benefits. Anticipate Social Security Trends/Revisions. Hour's Up!

Hour 10.401(k) and Related Plans.

Defined-Contribution Salary-Reduction Plans. A Closer Look at 401(k)s. A Closer Look at 403(b)s. Employer and Employee Contributions. Contribution and Investment (Re)Allocations. Allocation Alternatives. Allocation Rules. Income-Tax Impacts. Rules: Vesting, Borrowing, Withdrawals, Portability. Borrowing from Your 401(k). Plan Trends and Your Rights. Your Rights. Hour's Up!

Hour 11.Small Business/Self-Employed Pla