Technical communication in the twenty-first century


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Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century (TCTC) preparesreaders to be successful writers and readers of technical communication, regardless of their career path. Featuring a wealth of examples and cases, it emphasizes problem-solving, collaboration, visual rhetoric and usability. Its approach analyzes why something worked or did not work, as well as how to produce the appropriate communication. Now available with the MyTechCommLab online learning tool, this edition features more focus on transnational communication, forty-five new case studies, and new information on the relationship between technology and communication.

Table of Contents

1. Technical and Professional Communication in the Workplace

2. Rhetoric and Technical Communication

3. Technical Writing and Electronic Technologies

4. Ethics and the Workplace Writer

5. Workplace Writing in a Transnational World

6. Researching and Evaluating Source Materials

7. Organizing and Drafting Documents

8. Visual Rhetoric and Using Visuals

9. Layout and Design

10. Revising, Rewriting, and Editing

11. Usability

12. E-mail, E-messaging, and Memos

13. Letters

14. Finding and Obtaining Employment

15. Technical Definitions

16. Technical Descriptions and Specifications

17. Websites and Online Environments

18. Technical Instructions

19. Manuals

20. Proposals and Requests for Proposals

21. Informal Reports

22. Formal Reports

23. Presentations