Technology in the law office (2nd ed )


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Technology in the Law Office, 2e builds a strong foundation in technology concepts, applications and vocabulary so students are prepared to work effectively in today's law office. This new edition includes an early chapter on ethics and two chapters devoted to electronic discovery. With a focus on self-reliance, it helps students develop a hands-on understanding of the most popular legal software programs, including AbacusLaw, Tabs3, SmartDrawLegal, LexisNexis CaseMap and TimeMap, and Sanction II. This edition includes new case studies and more references to Microsoft Office applications, making it an outstanding reference for those studying and working in the legal field.


CHAPTER 1: Technology in the Law Office

CHAPTER 2: Legal Ethics in a Technology Age

CHAPTER 3: Computer Hardware and Software

CHAPTER 4: The Internet and Electronic Mail

CHAPTER 5: Electronic Research

CHAPTER 6: Word Processing

CHAPTER 7: Electronic Spreadsheets

CHAPTER 8: Electronic Databases

CHAPTER 9: The Paperless Office

CHAPTER 10: Office Management Software

CHAPTER 11: Case Organization and Management Software

CHAPTER 12: Electronic Discovery-The Fundamentals

CHAPTER 13: E-Discover Rules and Procedure

CHAPTER 14: Litigation Support

CHAPTER 15: Presentation and Trial Graphics

CHAPTER 16: The Electronic Courthouse