Tending Adam's Garden


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266 p. · 16x24 cm · Hardback
Tending Adam's Garden describes and explains the way in which our immune system works from a novel perspective. The book uses metaphors and examples to bring the immune system to life and explores the fundamental miracle of nature. Written in plain language for a broad audience, this book encompasses much more than just immunology, exploring more fundamental matters such as causality, information, energy, evolution, cognition and individuality, as well as the strategy of the immune system and its role in health and disease.

Key Features
* Provides a unique perspective on the immune system from one of the keenest scientific and philosophical brains in the world
* Uses metaphors and case histories to explore themes in an accessible manner
* Written in plain language requiring no specialized vocabulary or specific scientific background in the subject
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On Causality and Evolution.
On Cognition.
On Immunity.
On Autoimmunity.
On Tending Adam's Garden.