The Alkaloids
Chemistry and Biology

The Alkaloids Series, Vol. 66

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This series is world-renowned as the leading compilation of current reviews of this vast field. Internationally acclaimed for more than 40 years, The Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology, founded by the late Professor R.H.F. Manske, continues to provide outstanding coverage of this rapidly expanding field. Each volume provides, through its distinguished authors, up-to-date and detailed coverage of particular classes or sources of alkaloids.

* Up-to-date reviews on a large and very important group of natural products from both a chemical and biological perspective.
* Comprehensive, dynamic reviews written by leading authors in the respective fields.
* Broad coverage on the biological aspects.
1. Alkaloids of Kopsia
Toh-Seok Kam Kam and Kuan-Hon Lim

2. Alkaloids with Antiiprotozoal Activity
Edison J. Osorio, Sara M. Robledo and Jaume Bastida

3. Buxus Steroidal Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology
Athar Ata and Brad J. Andersh

4. Pandanus Alkaloids: Chemistry and Biology
Mary J. Garson, Hiromitsu Takayama and Maribel G. Nonato
Chemists, biochemists, and pharmacologists