The art of M & A financing & refinancing sources & instrument for growth


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'M&A financing and refinancing can be a path to progressÑstarting today, as you read the ideas in this book and dream up your own.' Alex Sheshunoff, From the Foreword. The expansion of a business through merger or acquisition involves experience. Wisdom. The ability to envision how two or more combined companies can equal far more than the sum of their parts. It also involves, more often than not, the use of 'other people's money.' THE ART OF M&A FINANCING AND REFINANCING tells you how to obtain and repay that money, taking the complex, technical aspects of M&A finance and making them clear, understandable, and applicable to your situation. This comprehensive reference handbook points you to all the facts, figures, names, and places you need to finance your next deal. Unique in that it con
Part 1: Prerequisites. Basic Definitions and Data. Assessing Financing Needs. Regulatory, Tax, and Accounting Issues in Structuring Deal Financing. Part 2: A Closer Look at Instruments. Dynamics of Debt-Based Financing. Dynamics of Equity-Based Financing. Dynamics of "Hybrid" Financing. Part 3: A Closer Look at Sources. Working with Debt Sources. Working with Equity Sources. Working with "Backers". Part 4: Strategies for Financing and Refinancing. Managing Multiple Instruments Planning Points. Managing Multiple Sources. Refinancing Strategies. Part 5: Global Issues: Macro/Micro/Tax. Macroeconomic Aspects of Global M&A Financing. Microeconomic Aspects of Global M&A Financing. International Financing: Tax Fine Points. Conclusion: M&A Financing and Refinancing: Instruments for Successful Growth. Appendix: Typical Subordination Provisions of Publicly Issued Notes. Typical Subordination Provisions of Privately Placed Institutional Notes. Typical Subordination Provisions of Seller Notes.