The audience, the message, the speaker, 4th ed 1998 (paper)


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This succinct, core introduction to public speaking combines a concern with classic rhetoric with a strong emphasis on ethics, diversity and current technology. The text first introduces students to the tasks of gathering information, organizing material, and delivering a speech. It then completes the communication process by teaching the importance of listening, and by instructing the speaker on how to overcome common obstacles that can impede reception.
Chapter 1. The Communication Process Chapter 2. Preparing to Meet the Audience Chapter 3. The Audience in a Pluralistic Society Chapter 4. Listening and Reacting Chapter 5. The Topic, Purpose, and Content of the Speech Chapter 6. Organizing and Outlining, Chapter 7. The Speech to Inform Chapter 8. Thinking and Reasoning Chapter 9. The Speech to Persuade Chapter 10. The Speaker's Frame of Mind Chapter 11. Delivering the Message Chapter 12. Speaking with Visuals Chapter 13. Meeting Ethical Standards