The chemistry of mycotoxins, 2013
Progress in the Chemistry of Organic Natural Products Series, Vol. 97


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The Chemistry of Mycotoxins
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The chemistry of mycotoxins
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The biological activity of mycotoxins ranges from weak and/or sometimes positive effects, such as antibacterial activity (see penicillin derivatives derived from Penicillium strains) to strong mutagenic (e. g. aflatoxins, patulin), carcinogenic (e. g. aflatoxins), teratogenic, neurotoxic (e. g. ochratoxins), nephrotoxic (e. g. fumonisins, citrinin), hepatotoxic, and immunotoxic (e. g. ochratoxins, diketopiperazines) activity.
1 Introduction.- 2 Aflatoxins.- 2.1 Biological Properties.-  2.2 Total Syntheses of Aflatoxins.- 2.3 Syntheses of Aflatoxin Building Blocks.- 2.4 Syntheses of Biosynthetic Aflatoxin Precursors.- 3 Citrinin.- 3.1 General.- 3.2 Total Syntheses of Citrinin.- 4 Ergot Alkaloids.- 4.1 Structural Subclasses of Ergot Alkaloids.- 4.2 Biological Properties.- 4.3 Total Syntheses.- 5 Fumonisins.- 5.1 Biological Properties.- 5.2 Total Syntheses.- 6 Ochratoxins.- 6.1 Biological Properties.- 6.2 Total Syntheses.- 7 Patulin.- 7.1 General.-  7.2 Total Syntheses of Patulin.- 8 Trichothecenes.- 8.1 Biological Properties.- 8.2 Total Syntheses.- 9 Resorcylic Acid Lactones.- 9.1 Biological Properties.- 9.2 Total Syntheses.- 10  (Thio)diketopiperazines.- 10.1 Biological Properties.- 10.2 Total Syntheses.- 11 Alternaria metabolites.- 11.1 Biological Properties.- 11.2 Total Syntheses.- 12 Skyrins.- 12.1 Biological properties.- 12.2 Syntheses of Skyrin Model Systems.- 12.3 Total Syntheses of Skyrins.- 13  Xanthones.- 13.1 Xanthones.- 13.2 Tetrahydroxanthones.- 13.3              Hexahydroxanthones.- 13.4 Xanthone Dimers and Heterodimers.- 13.5 Tetrahydroxanthone Dimers and Heterodimers.- 14 Cytochalasans.- 14.1 Biological Properties.- 14.2 Total Syntheses.- 15 Peptidic Mycotoxins.- 15.1 Biological Properties.- 15.2 Total Syntheses.- Abbreviations.- References.-
Extended review of mycotoxins
Individual biological impact of mycotoxins is discussed
Focus on the most important classes of mycotoxins