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With the explosion of combinatorial solid-phase methods, access to information has become one of the main barriers facing a synthetic chemist who is contemplating a combinatorial approach to a medicinal chemistry problem. The Combinatorial Index is an answer to that problem. This compendium of methods from the primary literature provides quick and convenient access to reliable synthetic transformations as well as information on linkers and analytical methods. Each synthetic procedure is preceded by a section entitled"Points of Interest,"which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the various studies. The index also covers the use of solution-based synthesis for the generation of molecular diversity.

Key Features
* Organized for rapid retrieval of published information on classes of synthetic transformations, linkers, and analytical methods
* Serves as a laboratory manual for bench chemists
* Includes a chapter on linkers to assist in choice of linking strategy
* Discusses strengths and limitations of the various methods
* Contains a structural index showing functional group transformations in solid-phase synthesis
Introduction. Background. Linkers for Solid-Phase Synthesis. Combinatorial Solid-Phase Synthesis. Analytical Methods for Solid-Phase Synthesis. The Preparation of Solution Libraries and Combined Approaches at the Solution/Solid-Phase Interface. Appendix 1: Summary of Functional Group Transformations for Combinatorial Solid-Phase Synthesis. Appendix 2: Classification of Heterocyclization Reactions. Appendix 3: Unnatural Biopolymers. Appendix 4: Oligosaccharides. Appendix 5:List of Abbreviations. Index.
Organic and medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries and academia as well as their institutional libraries.