The complete Benchmarking implementation guide-total benchmarking management (with binder)


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Introduction. Phase I: Planning the Benchmarking Process and Characterization of the Item(s). Activity 1: Identify What to Benchmark. Activity 2: Obtain Top Management Support. Activity 3: Develop the Measurement Plan. Activity 4: Develop the Data Collection Plan. Activity 5: Review Plans with Location Experts. Activity 6: Characterize Your Benchmark Item. Phase II: Internal Data Collection and Analysis. Activity 7: Collect and Analyze Internal Published Information. Activity 8: Select Potential Internal Benchmarking Sites (Locations). Activity 9: Collect Internal Original Research Information. Activity 10: Conduct Internal Interviews and Surveys. Activity 11: Form an Internal Benchmarking Committee. Activity 12: Conduct Internal Site Visits. Phase III: External Data Collection and Analysis. Activity 13: Collect External Published Information. Activity 14: Collect External Original Research Information. Phase IV: Improvement of the Item's Performance. Activity 15: Identify Corrective Actions. Activity 16: Develop an Implementation Plan. Activity 17: Gain Top Management Approval of the Future-State Solution. Activity 18: Implement the Future-State Solution and Measure Its Impact. Phase V: Continuous Improvement. Activity 19: Maintain the Benchmarking Database. Activity 20: Implement Continuous Performance Improvement. Appedices: I: Benchmarking Definitions. II: Sample Benchmarking Visitation Guide Sample Survey. III: How to Conduct an Interview. IV: Rating Your Organization.