The Earth-Moon System, 1966
Proceedings of an international conference, January 20-21,1964, sponsored by the Institute for Space Studies of the Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA


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On January 20-21, 1964, the Institute for Space Studies of the Goddard Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was host to an international group of astronomers, physicists, and Earth scientists, gathered to discuss the Earth-Moon system. This was the sixth in a continuing series of interdisciplinary meetings on topics in space physics held at the Institute. The conference was organ­ ized by G.J.F. MacDonald, of the University of California at Los Angeles, and by R.H. Dicke, of Princeton University. The working title of the conference was "The Dynamics of the Earth-Moon System," and indeed much of the contents of this proceedings volume is concerned with dynamical problems, but the conference dealt with many other topics concerning the Earth-Moon system, and hence we have adopted the shorter title for this volume. The conference proceedings have been somewhat rear·· ranged from the order in which the papers were actually presented. In doing this the editors are exercising hindsight to bring together closely related discussions. The first paper, by D. Brouwer, discusses the motions and moments of inertia of the Moon and their relation to the lunar figure and composition. From this discussion it emerges there remain many uncertainties in the motion of the Moon associated with the lunar composition and the distribution of its mass.
Gravitational Field of the Moon.- The Irregular Variation in the Speed of Rotation of the Earth.- Interplanetary Torques.- Precessional Torques and Earth Rotation.- On the Coupling of the Earth’s Core and Mantle during the 26,000-Year Precession.- Thermal Effects of Tidal Friction.- Variation of the Earth’s Rotation in Historical Time.- Paleontological Evidence of the Rate of the Earth’s Rotation.- Change in the Moment of Inertia of the Earth as a Result of a Growing Core.- Long-Term Stability of the Earth-Moon System.- The Secular Acceleration of the Earth’s Rotation and Cosmology.- Origin of the Moon: Dynamical Considerations.- The Capture Hypothesis of the Origin of the Moon.- Origin of the Moon by Fission.- The Origin of the Moon and the Core of the Earth.- Planetary Atmospheres and the Origin of the Moon.- Discussion.- Name Index.