The essence of engineering thermodynamic (paper)


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The Essence of Engineering thermodynamics is an introduction to thermodynamics for engineering students of all disciplines. The book looks at the properties of substances and the first, second and Zeroth laws of thermodynamics. The non-flow energy equation and the steady flow energy equation are also covered. The theory is the applied to the Carnot cycle, the Rankine steam cycle and the air standard Otto cycle.
1. Introduction.
2. Systems, Processes and Interactions.
3. Work. Mass, Energy, Temperature and Heat.
4. Mechanical Work Processes of Closed Systems.
5. Thermodynamic Property Diagrams.
6. The Steam Tables.
7. Ideal Gases.
8. The Mass Balance Equation.
9. The First Law of Thermodynamics.
10. The Steady Flow Energy Equation.
11. Heat Engines.
12. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
13. Entropy.
14. The Carnot Cycle.
15. The Rankine Steam Cycle.
16. The Air Standard Otto Cycle.
  • Adopts the convention that work inputs into a system are positive.
  • Tables of thermodynamic properties of water substance and ideal gas properties are included for reference.