The essence of power electronics (paper)


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232 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Paperback
An introductory text in power electronics for students in electronic engineering, approaching the subject from the low power end of the spectrum. After a detailed review of the background technology of power electronics, the rest of the book examines techniques and applications, particularly high frequency switching techniques for power conversion. Includes self-assessment questions and exercises and answers, worked examples, case studies, and full listings for computer simulation examples using PSpice.
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1. Semiconductor devices
2. Thermal management
3. Magnetic components
4. Rectification and smoothing
5. D.C. linear regulators
6. Control of power by switching
7. Switching converters
8. Switch-mode power supplies
9. Controlled rectification
10. Power inversion
11. Drives for small electric motors
12. Audio-frequency power amplifiers
App. 1. SPICE listings
App. 2. Answers to self-assessment questions