The heritage of japanese civilization (2nd ed )


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Chapter 1 Japanese History: Origins to the Twelfth Century


Jomon Culture

The Yayoi Revolution

The Spread of Yayoi Culture

Tomb Culture, the Yamato State, and Korea

Religion in Early Japan

Nara and Heian Japan

Seventh Century Developments

Nara and Early Heian Government

A Japanese Pattern of Government

People, Land and Taxes

Rise of the Samurai

Aristocratic Culture and Buddhism

Chinese Tradition in Japan

Birth of Japanese Literature

Nara and Heian Buddhism

Early Japanese History in Historical Perspective

Chapter 2 Medieval Japan: The Twelfth to Sixteenth Centuries

Military Rule by the Taira, Minamoto, and Ashikaga

The Taira at the Kyoto Court

Rise of Minamoto Yoritomo

The Question of Feudalism in Twelfth Century Japan

Kamakura Rule After Yoritomo

Women in Warrior Society

The Ashikaga Era

Agriculture, Commerce, and Medieval Guilds

Warring States Era

War of All Against All

Foot Soldier Revolution

Piracy, Trade, and Foreign Relations

Buddhism and Medieval Culture

Japanese Pietism: Pure Land and Nichiren Buddhism

Zen Buddhism

No Plays

Medieval Japan in Historical Perspective

Chapter 3 The Era of Tokugawa Rule (1600 1868)

Early Unifiers: Nobunaga and Hideyoshi

The Seventeenth Century

Political Engineering by Tokugawa Ieyasu

Economic and Social Change

The Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries

The Forty-Seven Ronin

Cycles of Reform


The Later Tokugawa Economy

Tokugawa Culture

Literature and Drama

Confucian Thought

Other Developments in Thought

Late Traditional Japan in Historical Perspective

Chapter 4 Modern Japan,...