The individual in the social world : essays and experiment, 2nd ed 1992


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Stanley Milgram is the most oft-cited social psychologist in textbooks. This collection of major experiments and essays is the first and only one that includes his famous obedience study (unabridged) and his posthumous essay on the "Cyrano effect." Edited by two of his famous students (Sabini and Silver), this brief, inexpensive paperback is an ideal primary source supplement for social psychology survey courses and advanced courses for critical thinking about methods of experimentation in social psychology.

Part ONE: THE INDIVIDUAL IN THE CITY CHAPTER 1: The Experience of Living in Cities CHAPTER 2: The Urban Bystander CHAPTER 3: On Maintaining Social Norms CHAPTER 4: Response to Intrusion into Waiting Line CHAPTER 5: The Idea of a Neighborhood CHAPTER 6: The Familiar Stranger CHAPTER 7: A Psychological Map of New York City CHAPTER 8: Psychological Maps of Paris CHAPTER 9: The Vertical City
Part TWO: THE INDIVIDUAL AND AUTHORITT CHAPTER 10: Some Conditions of Obedience and Disobedience to Authority CHAPTER 11: Interpreting Obedience: Error and Evidence CHAPTER 12: Ethical Issues in the Study of Obedience CHAPTER 13: Subject Reaction: The Neglected Factor in the Ethics of Experimentation CHAPTER 14: Disobedience in the Sixties
Part THREE: THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE GROUP CHAPTER 15: Nationality and Conformity CHAPTER 16: Conformity and Norwegian LIfe CHAPTER 17: Ethics and the Conformity Experiment CHAPTER 18: Group Pressure and Action Against a Person CHAPTER 19: Liberating Effects of Group Pressure CHAPTER 20: The Drawing Power of Crowds of Different Size
Part FOUR: THE INDIVIDUAL IN A COMMUNICATIVE WEB CHAPTER 21: The Small World Problem CHAPTER 22: The Lost Letter Technique CHAPTER 23: Television and Antisocial Behavior CHAPTER 24: The Image Freezing Machine CHAPTER 25: Candid Camera CHAPTER 26: Reflections on New CHAPTER 27: Cyranoid