The management of wounds and burns 2/e (2nd Ed.)
Oxford Handbooks in Emergency Medicine Series


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Wound management forms the bulk of the work in Accident and Emergency practice. Although most of these wounds will appear minor and the treatment straightforward for many injuries, the consequences of improper assessment or management can be very serious. Disabling injury may be overlooked, and life threatening infections can follow inappropriate treatment. Accident and Emergency staff must be prepared to begin initial assessment and treatment while surgical help arrives. This new edition of The Management of Wounds and Burns provides practical and authoritative information on all aspects of wound and burn care, taking the reader from initial assessment to the treatment of specific injuries. The care and legal aspects of life-threatening wounds are covered, together with anaesthesia, surgical techniques of wound care, wound infection, and injuries to the hand, face, neck, chest, and abdomen. Throughout , the authors present their guidelines concisely and lucidly, with detailed advice on anatomy, medication, and treatment techniques.