The manual of built up roof systems (3rd ed' 95)


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This edition has been updated to provide information on pertinent changes in applicable building codes, including recommendations stemming from Hurricane Andrew. It covers all major types of flat, multi-ply, built-up roofing systems that are typically used on commercial and industrial facilities.
PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The Roof as a System Chapter 3: Draining the Roof Chapter 4: Structural Deck Chapter 5: Thermal Insulation Chapter 6: Vapor Control Chapter 7: Wind Uplift Chapter 8: Fire Resistance Chapter 9: Historical Background of Contemporary Roof Systems Chapter 10: Elements of Built-up Membranes Chapter 11: Modified-Bitumen Membranes Chapter 12: Elastomeric Membranes Chapter 13: Weldable Thermoplastics Chapter 14: Flashings Chapter 15: Protected Membrane Roofs and Waterproofed Decks Chapter 16: Sprayed Polyurethane Chapter 17: Metal Roof Systems Chapter 18: Field Inspections Chapter 19: Reroofing and Repair Chapter 20: Roof-System Specifications Chapter 21: Roofing Guarantees and Warranties GLOSSARY OF ROOFING-RELATED TERMS APPENDIX A APPENDIX B INDEX