The paralegal professional (3rd ed )


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Written by an award-winning author team, The Paralegal Professional: Comprehensive Version, 3e provides a solid foundation in substantive and procedural legal knowledge and analytical skills. Using chapter opening vignettes, ethical perspectives, advice from the field, and chapter exercises, it develops real-world skills needed to be successful in a paralegal career. Substantive law chapters provide an overview of the most common individual legal areas of practice. New video case studies andParalegals in Practice boxes bring the world of the paralegal closer to the classroom.

Chapter 1 The Paralegal Profession

Chapter 2 Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Chapter 3 The Paralegal Workplace

Chapter 4 Technology and the Paralegal

Chapter 5 American Leal Heritage and Constitutional Law

Chapter 6 The Court System and Alternate Dispute Resolution

Chapter 7 Civil Litigation

Chapter 8 Criminal Procedure and Administrative Law

Chapter 9 Interviewing and Investigation Skills

Chapter 10 Traditional and Computerized Legal Research

Chapter 11 Legal Writing and Critical Legal Thinking

Chapter 12 Torts and Product Liability

Chapter 13 Contracts and E-Commerce

Chapter 14 Property Law

Chapter 15 Estate Planning and Elder Law

Chapter 16 Family Law

Chapter 17 Agency, Employment, and Immigration Law

Chapter 18 Business Organizations and Bankruptcy Law

Chapter 19 Common and Business Crimes

Chapter 20 Intellectual Property and Digital Law