The pentium microprocessor (3.5 disk included / Bound)


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640 p. · 24.1x19.3 cm · Hardback
This book helps remove the mystery surrounding the Pentium microprocessor by detailing every facet of its hardware and software and providing examples of many different applications.
Microprocessor-Based Systems An Introduction to the Pentium Microprocessor Pentium Instructions Part 1: Addressing Modes, Flags, Data Transfer, and String Instructions Pentium Instructions Part 2: Arithmetic, Logical, Bit Manipulation, Program Transfer, and Processor Control Instructions Interrupt Processing An Introduction to Programming the Pentium Programming with DOS and BIOS Function Calls Advanced Programming Applications Using Disks and Files Hardware Details of the Pentium Protected Mode Operation Appendix A: Pentium Signal Summary Appendix B: Instruction Set and Execution Times Appendix C: A Review of Number Systems and Binary Arithmetic Appendix D: BIOS Function Calls Appendix E: DOS Function Calls Appendix F: Assembler Reference Appendix G: DEBUG and Code view Reference Appendix H: Extended Keyboard Scan Codes Solutions and Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Study Questions Index