The Pharmacology of Neurogenesis and Neuroenhancement
International Review of Neurobiology Series, Vol. 77


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Subject for The Pharmacology of Neurogenesis and Neuroenhancement

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Currently, few drugs are available for the effective treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders. Recent advances in neuroscience research offer hope that future strategies for treating these brain disorders will include neurogenesis and neuroenhancement as therapeutic endpoints. This volume reviews cutting-edge findings related to the pharmacological aspects of neurogenesis and neuroprotection. A broad range of topics are covered from basic lab bench research to drug discovery efforts and important clinical issues. This collection of reviews is a perfect way to become acquainted with these exciting new fields in the space of a single volume. Chapters are written with a general audience in mind, but with enough high-level discussion to appeal to specialists and experts as well. The authors have done an excellent job of challenging current paradigms and pushing the boundaries of exploration in keeping with the pioneering spirit that gave rise to these emerging areas of research. Consequently, this will be an indispensable resource for many years to come.

* Provides state-of-the-art reviews spanning significant emerging fields
* Discusses future directions and questions for future studies
* Includes informative illustrations
Regenerating the Brain.
Serotonin and Brain: Evolution, Neuroplasticity and Homeostasis.
Therapeutic approaches to promoting axonal regeneration in the adult mammalian spinal cord.
Evidence For Neuroprotective Effects of Antipsychotic Drugs: Implications for the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Schizophrenia.
Dopamine–GABA Interactions and the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia.
Neurogenesis and Neuroenhancement in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder.
Neuroreplacement, growth factor and small molecule neurotrophic approaches for treating Parkinson’s Disease.
Using C. elegans models of neurodegenerative disease to identify neuroprotective strategies.
Neuroprotection and enhancement of neurite outgrowth with small molecular weight compounds from screens of chemical libraries.
Neuroscientists, neurologists and pharmacologists.