The unofficial guidetm to smart nutrition (series: unofficial guides) (paperback)


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The inside scoop... for when you want more than the official line! These days, we've got good and bad fat*not to mention saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fat. Olestra chips and sugar-free cookies. Power bars and powder-based potions. The Food Pyramid and the much-hyped "Zone" diet. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by nutrition news these days, you're not alone. We know more about good nutrition now than ever before, but that doesn't mean we're not inundated with nutrition fables, fads, and all-out fraud. That's why when it comes to making sensible diet decisions for yourself and your loved ones, you want one good source you can trust. You want the inside scoop. The Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutrition is designed to give savvy consumers like you a foolproof appraisal of everything from following the USDA's Food Pyramid to getting the real story behind fat-and sugar-free products, protein supplements, and quickie-diets. In this book you'll get unbiased recommendations that are not influenced by any company, product, or organization. The Unofficial Guide to Smart Nutrition is intensively inspected by The Unofficial Panel of Experts: Dian Shepperson Mills is a clinical nutritionist, Michael Janson, MD is a practicing physician and author, and Judy Brown, Ph.D is a professor and author. These specialists ensure that you are armed with the most up-to-date insider information on the subject of smart nutrition and are told exactly what "the Official establishment" doesn't want you to know. Vital Information on how to put together a balanced diet based on the Food Pyramid Insider Secrets on smart choices in all nutrition categories Money-Saving Techniques for buying smart when buying vitamins and supplements, dining out, and choosing meals for your family Time-Saving Tips on how to put together a sensible weight-loss plan and a healthy diet The Latest Trends for infants, children, women, mothers-to-be, boomer-aged folks, and the aged Handy Checklists and Charts for keeping track of the real deal behind today's nutrition trends visit us on-line at
I. A Cell"s-eye View of Nourishment.

1. The Basics of Smart Nutrition.

II. Smart Nutrition in Your Basic Food Categories.

2. Fruits and Vegetables.

3. Grains, Legumes, and Nuts.

4. Extracted Fats and Oils.

5. Meats, Fish, Poultry, and Eggs.

6. Dairy: Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream, and Yogurts.

III. Special Features of Smart Nutrition.

7. Reading Between the Lines of Nutrition Labels.

8. To Supplement or Not to Supplement Is No Longer the Question.

9. Vegetarianism: Should You Move Towards a Plant-based Diet?

10. Dining Out: Smart Eating in Restaurants.

IV. Nutrition Pitfalls.

11. Don"t Let Bad Food Habits Cancel Fitness Benefits.

12. Sensible Weight Loss Versus Fad Diets.

13. Food Safety: Avoiding Foodborne Illness.

V. Medical Issues.

14. Holistic Nutrition Against Cancer, Heart Disease, and Other Degenerative Diseases.

15. Dealing with Food Allergies.

VI. The Art of Smart Nutrition.

16. Teen Health Starts in the Womb.

17. Nutrition Through the Ages: Young Adult to Golden Years.

A. Glossary.

B. Resource Guide.

C. Recommended Reading List.

D. Important Documents.

E. Guides to Nutritional Quality Levels.